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Undergraduate Research

The SNU Office of Undergraduate Research serves as a centralized office where undergraduate students and SNU faculty can find resources related to undergraduate research opportunities here at SNU and in other locations around the world.

For students, we can provide:

  • Information regarding internal and external research opportunities
  • Assistance in preparing applications for research opportunities
  • Funding for travel to conferences (as budget allows)
  • Workshops on how to use undergraduate research experiences to prepare for graduate school applications
  • For further information, click here (link to student page)

For faculty, we can provide:

  • Training on research mentoring best practices
  • Funding for travel with students (as budget allows)
  • External training and professional develop through the Council for Undergraduate Research (as budget allows)
  • Research stipend funding (as budget allows)

Staff Contact Information:

Dr. Kim Rosfeld

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Ready to Apply?

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