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Residential Life & Housing

At SNU, we believe that living on campus is important to your success and journey as a student and encourage ALL undergraduate students to be a part of our residential community. We are certain on-campus living contributes greatly to a student’s development as national research performed at colleges and universities indicates that students who live on campus enjoy a more positive and rewarding university experience.

住在校园里的学生往往更有参与感, 养成更好的学习习惯, 与教职员工有更多的接触, 取得更高的成绩. SNU is committed to enhancing your development outside of the classroom by providing a community in which you can grow and learn by interacting with other students and support from residential staff.

Residential Life utilizes a creative blend of programs and activities to help you reach your full potential. 我们的每个住宿生活区都有一名住宿主任(RD), a full-time staff person, 谁在这栋楼里生活和工作, 提供精神上的支持, socially, 在学术上也是如此. We also have a committed team of student Resident Advisors (RAs) who reside and work in the hall helping to create our strong and cohesive community.

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  • Housing Contract


    还有其他问题吗?? Email housing@ericsserver.net, or stop by the Office of Student Life, located in the Lower Level of The Webster Commons.

  • Housing FAQs

    1. 完成并返回你的室友资料.
    2. 交150美元的注册押金.
    3. Be sure your future roommate, if you have selected your own, has completed the profile and
    paid the deposit.
    4. Be sure the person you requested as a roommate has also requested you and this is noted in

    – You will be notified by email at your SNU email address of your Room Assignment and Roommate,
    along with contact information for your roommate on the following dates based on the date in

    Can I switch roommates?
    – Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate roommate changes after rooms are assigned
    and communicated. 在开学的前两周内,每个套房或室友将
    完成一份契约,积极主动地应对任何潜在的担忧. 宿舍生活工作人员
    also be available in that time and throughout the year to help set each roommate pair up for

    When can I move in?
    – See move-in dates and times in the Move-In tab on this page for the most updated information.
    – Those involved in fall sports that begin practice early will get move-in information from their
    – We are unable to accommodate early move-ins due to cleaning and inspections that occur
    在居民搬进来之前. 学生宿舍将于周五上午8点开放.
    – Students are responsible for cleaning their own rooms, bathroom suites (excluding Snow)
    and/or apartments. 学生每个月都要登记责任和住宿顾问
    我会每隔一周做一次清洁吗. 学生可以从他们的

    – The university is not responsible for any theft, loss, or damage of students’ personal property. It is
    highly recommended that students obtain renter’s insurance through their insurance provider.
    – Residence Hall policies and all University policies can be accessed online through the SNU
    Website (www.www.ericsserver.net/handbook). 该手册提供了有关的具体信息
    学生服务和大学政策. 所有学生还将签署一份生活方式契约和遗嘱
    have the opportunity to hear from and speak to the Resident Director within a week of their
    到达后检查宿舍和校园的所有期望. Please note that we only
    guarantee on-campus housing for full-time, traditional undergraduate students 24 years of age
    or younger.

    Before May 31
    the First week of June

    Before June 30
    First week of July

    Before July 31
    First week of August

    After August 1 您将不会收到邮件通知,并将收到您的住房

    图纸要怎么放在A里.M. 希尔斯宿舍工作

    – Roommate profile + Registration Deposit completed by first week of May = Eligibility
    -所有符合条件的个人将被随机抽取. 如果他们已经注册了
    舍友和舍友是被画出来的,它们被自动放置在希尔斯. Those that have
    not signed up with a roommate are placed in the drawing twice to give ensure each student
    – The first 56 females and 32 males drawn (either individually or with a roommate) are placed in

    – The Hills drawing must be done the first week of May in order to enter charges that allow
    学生可以利用12个月的付款计划. 我们知道这是一个很大的好处
    parents and students and want to be sure information is entered to make this possible.
    – Once charges are entered, the Residence Life Department spends the remainder of May
    focusing on the details involved in closing each hall for the year and preparing halls for
    – The first week in June, roommate profiles are gathered and sorted based on living area
    偏好和室友详细资料. 新生被安排在套房和
    *The same process takes place the first of week of July and the first week of August.

    – Placement letters will be by email to the email address that you have provided on your
    入学申请. 邮件将包括你的宿舍,房间号,室友
    (if you have been paired with a roommate at the time letters were sent) and the roommates’
    contact information.

    – All events throughout the NSI program are required for all incoming students 23 years of age
    and under. Students need to clear their schedules for this entire time in order to fully engage
    and participate. 您将从学生办公室收到有关NSI的信息
    Residents will sign a Housing Contract either at Storm Surge or upon arrival in August or January.

    – Each room in Bracken, Hills and Snowbarger酒店配有一张床, dresser, 每位住客的书桌和桌椅.
    -希尔斯套房的客厅里有一张沙发, loveseat, 餐厅的桌子和椅子, 3个立方体(用于咖啡桌或边桌)和一个全尺寸的冰箱.
    – Each apartment in Chapman is furnished with a bed and a full kitchen (including full size

    – 1 small (3.3 cu.ft.房间里允许放冰箱.
    – Full kitchen in lobby.


    – 1 small (3.3 cu.ft.每个房间都允许放冰箱.


  • Lifestyle Covenant

    The latest version of the SNU Lifestyle Covenant may be viewed or downloaded below. 所有的学生都应该阅读, understand, sign, 并遵守《pg电子》,因为他们是首尔大学社区的一部分.


  • Move-in Times

    New student move-in days and times 

    • August 12 – 8:00 am-2:00 pm – New Students participating in New Student Institute
    • 8月14日-下午5:00 -晚上11:00 -返校学生可以开始入住


  • Packing List

  • Residence Halls

    A.M. 丘陵住宅综合体:男生和女生宿舍(大一到大四). Non-freshman suites are assigned through a drawing of eligible applicants (based on a points system).

    Bracken Hall: Bracken Hall is the freshman female residence hall and is quaintly nestled near the heart of the campus.

    Chapman Apartments: The Chapman Apartments offer housing to approximately 96 upperclassmen male and female residents.

    Snowbarger Hall: Residence Hall open to men (freshmen – senior) located near the Webster Commons.


    Campus Dining Info

    Meal Plans

    还有其他问题吗?? Email housing@ericsserver.net, or stop by the Office of Student Life, located in the Lower Level of The Webster Commons.

  • Student Handbook


    This digital copy of the Student Handbook is prepared for the convenience of students.  我们尽一切努力确保提供最新版本.  However, if a question arises, an official copy of the SNU Student Handbook is held in the Office of Student Life.

Residence Life Staff

katy bradley headshot
Katy Bradley, Dean of Students, kbradley@mail.ericsserver.net

emma riggs headshot
Emma Riggs, Housing Coordinator, housing@mail.ericsserver.net
austin shoenfeld headshot
Austin Schoenfeldt, Resident Director
斯诺巴杰宿舍, aschoenfeldt@mail.ericsserver.net
sierra smith headshot
Sierra White, Resident Director 
A.M. Hills Residence Hall, swhite374@mail.ericsserver.net

riley smith headshot
Riley Smith, 住宿生活pg电子助理
A.M. Hills Residence Hall, rsmith1186@mail.ericsserver.net
angie milford headshot
Angie Milford, Resident Director
Bracken Residence Hall, amilford@mail.ericsserver.net

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