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披露的信息 & 合规

We have put on-line a copy of the SNU’s Student Right to Know information, 合规政策, and university handbooks and regulations in an effort to communicate this vital information efficiently and effectively to students, 父母, 校友, 大学人员. We encour年龄 you to browse these documents and web p年龄s and take note of the information which SNU makes available in accordance with federal regulations.

南拿撒勒大学 is a not-for-profit exempt organization as described in Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. 根据1964年和1991年的民权法案, 以及1972年教育修正案第九条, 这所大学没有种族歧视, 性, 年龄, color, 国家或民族出身, 婚姻状况, 或者在招聘中有残疾, 入学, and treatment of students or access to university programs or 活动 including the operation of all university programs, 活动, 服务及就业. The university maintains compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, 1989年《无毒品学校和社区法, 1988年的《无毒品工作场所法, 《家庭教育权利和隐私法, 以及健康保险保护和携带法案.



It is the policy of the University to resolve student complaints through the university appeals process outlined in the SNU 学生手册 and SNU 学术目录. The processes outlined in these documents resolve in a final and exclusive manner any complaint of violations of university policies and procedures contained therein and any and all other unresolved student complaints based on the university’s policy against discrimination, 骚扰, 还有质疑期末成绩的投诉. Any other complaint or controversy which relates to the interpretation or the application of the 学生手册, 目录, or of other publications of the university related to students shall be finally exclusively resolved by the 一般学生投诉程序.

If a student pursues the complaint via the SNU’s formal procedures for complaints to the highest level possible and still perceives the concerns have not been adequately addressed, the student may file a complaint against SNU with the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education (OSRHE). 注意这一点很重要, 根据OSRHE政策, the student must have exhausted the SNU’s complaint and appeal process before the OSHRE will attempt to help the student identify any possible resolution with the institution. OSHRE serves as the State Authorization and Reciprocity Agreement portal for complaints made by out-of-state students enrolled in classes and programs through distance education. A student may also submit unresolved complaints to SNU’s accreditor, the Higher Learning Commission.

学术目录 & 手册

Information in SNU’s academic catalog contains academic policy and procedure information as well as the requirements for completing a degree at SNU. Various other policies that apply to students are found in the 学生手册.



学术成就 & 就业能力

Links to data related to persistence and completion rate data indicate the likelihood of students who begin their college career as a full-time student at SNU to reenroll at SNU as a sophomore and complete their degree within 8 years of enrolling at SNU for the first time. 

学生保留率 – This document contains information related to the likelihood that students who began their college career as a full-time student at SNU will reenroll at SNU as a sophomore.

毕业率 – This document contains information related to the likelihood that students who began their college career as a full-time student at SNU will complete their undergraduate degree within 8 years.  Note that most students who complete their degree do so in approximately 4 years. The 8 year graduation rate is a statistic required by the US Department of Education. 

准备专业执照 – This link leads you to information related to whether or not programs designed to prepare students to work as licensed professionals in particular career fields (e.g. education, nursing, counseling), prepare you to obtain a professional license in particular states.  SNU is not required to know about licensure requirements for all states, but we do provide you with information related to all states that we know about.  We try to update this sheet with new information as we discover it.


《美国残疾人法》申诉程序 – This policy outlines the procedure for filing a complaint regarding SNU’s handling of concerns specifically related to compliance with regulations related to the Americans with Disabilities Act.












2023 Annual Safety Report – Clery Act Statistics for SNU and Tulsa





The Equity in 体育运动 Disclosure Act (EADA) is a federal law passed in 1994 that requires universities and colleges to make available gender equity information about their athletic programs. Coeducational schools participate in a federally funded financial aid program and have intercollegiate varsity level sports teams must provide certain gender equity information for their athletic programs. 提供这些信息给学生, 未来的学生, and the general public the opportunity to evaluate schools’ athletic offerings. 




1974年的《pg电子》(FERPA), 修订的, affords students certain rights with respect to their education records.

教育记录 & 目录信息

The 健康保险可携性 and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), 赋予你对自己健康信息的权利, 包括获取你信息副本的权利, 确保它是正确的, 知道谁看过了. 

健康保险可携性 & 责任法案(HIPPA)

学费,学费, & 其他成本