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SNU 校友- Meet Nick and Lori Bollinger, Owners of Junction Coffee

Nick and Lori Bollinger

Today we will be introducing SNU alumni and Junction Coffee owners, Nick and Lori Bollinger! Graduating in 2011, with Nick accomplishing a Theology and Ministry major and Lori earning a major in Graphic Design, the couple reminisce on their time at SNU with fondness. They both loved the campus life and all the social opportunities presented. “It was an unparalleled community where wholesome fun was easy to find!洛里说。.

毕业后, Lori had hopes to work in design at a firm, and Nick was set on going into full-time ministry and missions. “I wanted to plant a church or focus on reaching unreached people groups,” recalls Nick. 然而, God had a different plan, leading Nick and Lori to follow what God had placed on their hearts- to open Junction Coffee.

“Junction is rooted in my calling, to bring the love of Christ to people who won’t walk through church doors. The green light for Junction happened in 2014!尼克说。

“Coffee is a great equalizer,” he continues. “All people from all backgrounds from all over the world drink coffee for all sorts of reasons. We wanted to find commonalities between people and places- to become integrated into regular daily life and allow the common ground to bridge into the Divine.”

When asked what their favorite part of the job is, 尼克说, “I love reminding people that there is a place for them in the world- that they belong, are important, and have immense value. I get to do it in plain, 普通的, and unexpected places through perfectly regular things… but I think that’s where those reminders speak the loudest.”

Lori seconded this, 并添加, “Connecting with people at a time when the city felt really young and full of hope made us feel like we grew and matured as the city grew and matured. And all those friends we made along the way, we can celebrate with now! Being a mother, I love the flexibility that this job allows so I get to enjoy our kids when they are young!”

Junction Coffee’s vision for the future is to double down on their original vision. Since growing and expanding rapidly in the last several years, Nick and Lori are ready to reset the focus onto why they started the business in the first place. They are also excited to spend more time with their kids this season!

Take some time to stop byJunction Coffee this week, whether it be at their permanent building location in Automobile Alley or the stylish double-decker red bus. Nick recommends you try a cortado, and Lori raves about the Aussie flat white.

We are cheering you on, Nick and Lori!


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